Yes, people really do soak in hot tubs filled with beer in European Spas! For ages, they’ve tapped into the benefits of beer’s B vitamins, proteins, minerals and natural silicon for beautiful skin and hair. BRÖÖ brings that European tradition to you by blending handcrafted Asheville beer, gentle sulfate-free cleansers and silky skin conditioners, for the Ultimate Artisanal Body Wash! BRÖÖ your BOD, just don’t get your passport wet!

  • Shampoo Citrus Pale Ale Body Wash
    “Refreshes with Cascade Hops”
    A “Slice” of Naturally-derived
    Citrus Fragrance
  • Shampoo Oatmeal Porter Body Wash
    “Soothes with real Oatmeal”
    A “Hint” of Naturally-derived
      Vanilla & Brown Sugar Fragrance