actually…beer does make everyone better looking!

That’s why we chose all-malt, freshly-hopped craft beer as the main ingredient in our clean, ultra-performing hair care recipes. Crazy? For ages, people have rinsed their hair with beer! Turns out, the barley in beer is brimming with B vitamins, proteins, and minerals to make hair shiny, healthy and strong.

Next, we took that nourishing barley, the heart of the beer, and blended it into our aromatherapy-infused body care recipes, for your skin to drink in too!

How do we brew it? We tap 100% natural, unisex scents to intoxicate you, mix up “clean” ingredient lists to save you from the “chemical” hangover, and serve it all up at a fair, “don’t break the bank” price!

Welcome to the BRÖÖ party.
Everyone’s invited, so come on in!

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As seen in Vogue, Refinery29, XO Vain, Allure

Color shampoo and conditioner and detangler

Do your hair a solid with Bar Shampoo
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