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“The best bar shampoo i have found it smells amazing, cleans my hair without drying it out and no plastic bottles cluttering my bathroom.”

Kasey S

from Facebook

“I bought the reboot lotion. It feels so nice on my skin and it smells great 👍. Job well done on this one!”

Vivian W

from Facebook

“I saw this shampoo and conditioner and body bar at Walmart. The packaging caught my eye. The more I read the more I knew I had to try this. I bought the one for colored hair and it’s smells amazing! My hair is SO soft and feels amazing. The body bar smells freaking amazing and my skin is so soft and feels so smooth. The price is unbeatable! So glad I saw this”

Whitney L

from Facebook

“The thickening version is my favorite shampoo and conditioner, and I’ve tried everything. It gives your hair lots of body and makes it feel thicker but without leaving a filmy residue, which often occurs with thickening type haircare. I originally purchased the pair at CVS, not thinking too much about it. After using it up, I went and bought two sets today to keep on hand. I would have bought more but that’s all the store had. Really great stuff. Keep it coming!”

Karen S

from Facebook

“Let me tell you, best trial beauty/haircare purchase in a long time!! I was skeptical but this stuff made my difficult hair soft, shiny, and not at all weighed down or frizzy! A little hippie-chick smelling but that’s okay. 😊
So glad I tried it!! And the price was not much higher than your average shampoo. Keep up the great work and awesome products! I will definitely buy again!”

Janice C

from Facebook

“I have very sensitive skin with allergies and I haven’t had any problems! I use the shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and the lotion. All of it works and smells great! And it’s a reasonable price!”

Amy V

from Facebook

“I’ve been using BROO shampoo & conditioner for years. I love the smell, but I especially love that they are SLS-free, and free of all kinds of parabens, chemicals, and “gunk.” I just tried the Touch Screen Hand Cream and love that too. I’m a baker, so I wash my hands a TON, which means they dry out quickly. The hand cream felt great and seems super nourishing. I love the smell too!”

Becca A

from Facebook

“I bought the Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner & the detangling drops!!! I’m in LOVE!!!! The product does deliver what it advertises. It makes my hair so super soft & thicker, I have such thin hair.  Please keep selling! Best product EVER! THANK YOU!!! Love, Love, Love BRÖÖ!!!”

Lori B