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Thickening Shampoo + Conditioner 2+2 MEGA-BUNDLE (FINAL SALE)

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Love our original THICKENING FORMULA? We've still got some left, at awesome bundled pricing! You'll get 2 shampoos + 2 conditioners for $19! 


“Pop your Top” with our ultra-performing THICKENING MIXOLOGY!

This gentle, sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo smells like someone fresh-squeezed citrus on your head, and leaves your hair clean (without being stripped) and ready to be conditioned.

Pairs perfectly with gentle, silicone-free, color-safe conditioner, with the same great scent, and that leaves your hair silky-soft and style-ready!

  • Tap the barley in fresh-brewed beer, brimming with B vitamins, for strength and shine.
  • Add a boost of vegan keratin alternative, to give a volumized feel to fine, flat hair. This unique blend of wheat amino acids and soy amino acids mimics the function of conventional keratin, binding to the hair, to lift and thicken. We love this veggie-based keratin alternative because typical keratin comes from animal parts, like horse hooves and bird feathers.  Yuck!
  • Top with a shot of our natural silicone-alternative, for weightless gloss. This naturally-derived miracle is made from non-GMO wheat, castor oil, and coconut, functioning just like synthetic silicone, without smothering your hair, and attracting build-up. Yay!
  • And, will you smell like beer?  No way!  This intoxicating recipe is infused with a 100% natural citrus + creme scent, with notes of orange, grapefruit, and vanilla creme!
  • This saloon-to-salon™ recipe serves up a head of effortless, awesome hair!

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