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  • The beauty is in the barley - girl with barley

Grain to Mane

Barley.  One of the earliest grains cultivated by humans.  We’re talking Mesopotamia, Cradle of Civilization stuff here!  An ancient food source that happens to be full of hair-loving B vitamins.  But, how to serve up the beauty in the barley for your hair?  You can’t exactly rub a handful on your head.  I mean, you could, but it would be messy.  The answer?  Beer!

Barley is the heart of beer!  It’s the most important ingredient, along with water, yeast, and hops flowers (for that bitter flavor.)  The barley is boiled in water to release all the carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins.  Then the yeast, that magical little single-celled organism eats up the carbohydrates, releasing alcohol, and you’ve got yourself a beer.

And, that’s why women, throughout the ages, have rinsed their hair with beer for strength and shine.  The beauty is in the barley.  Hey, they didn’t call beer “liquid bread” for nothing, during the Middle Ages.  They knew that luscious libation was full of nutrition.

We call beer the “super-drink” for your hair, thanks to that glorious grain, barley.

And with BRÖÖ, we’ve made that beer the #1 ingredient in our ultra-performing haircare, so you can take barley from #GrainToMane!


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