DOORS CLOSING! (free shipping on orders $30 and over)

It's been an amazing party, but we're closing our doors.

Hi Everyone:

Brad and Sarah Pearsall here, the founders of BRÖÖ, hoping you all are doing as well as possible during these difficult times.  We’re writing with what we know will be disappointing news to you lovers of BRÖÖ hair care products.

After many amazing years of serving up innovative, premium, natural products, we’re announcing Last Call, and bringing the BRÖÖ party to an end. Why? The challenging retail landscape during the pandemic has prompted us to move in a new direction and focus on other ventures. 

Our hearts are heavy at saying goodbye, but they remain brimming with gratitude for all the people who have supported our small, mom and pop company all these years!  It’s been our honor to offer up our unique cocktail of beer and better-for-you ingredients, and to have you tap them as part of your shower lineup!

We appreciated every kind word you all have poured out to us, and how much you and your hair have loved our offerings. We’re grateful for your loyalty and we hope you will continue to support natural products, which are not only better for you, but also better for the animals and for the earth in general!

We also want to raise a glass to everyone who has worked for us, and with us, all these years. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the best people in the industry and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Finally, cheers to all our retail partners who have given us an opportunity in the past. From the small mom and pop natural markets, to the big-box retailers, we’ve appreciated being given a place on your shelves. We hope we’ve been able to raise the bar on natural products in your stores. 

So, enough with the goodbyes, and now on to the GOOD BUYS!

Our website will soon be dimming the lights, so order up our products while you can. Please note that all sales will be final.

As we raise a final toast to all you amazing BRÖÖ believers, we thank you for the amazing experience of letting us into your lives and getting into your hair!

                                     Your friends,

                                     Brad and Sarah Pearsall