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  • the official history of beer hair pictures of article about Jackie Kennedy and our moms

Our Beer Hair-itage

When we were looking for a way to get great-looking hair without all the chemicals, our moms told us to grab a beer!  Not to drown our sorrows, but to brew our ‘do! Turns out, both our moms rinsed with beer, back in the day, for strong shiny hair.

One in North Carolina.  One in the Philippines. Talk about a worldwide home-brewed beauty remedy!

They told us that even style icon Jackie Kennedy had “beer hair”.  And, once we tracked down a 1960’s newspaper article about Jackie’s beer rinse, we knew we had to give it a try.

So, here’s a toast to our moms, who launched us on this strange quest to bring beer from “saloon-to salon!”


Sarah and Brad Pearsall 


News article from 1960 titled Jackie Kennedy's Hairdo is 'Swan' With Beer Rinse




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