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  • shower the world, woman standing under running water and pictures of children enjoying various forms of freely running water

Dignity of Clean

Next time you’re ready to shower, grab your water handle and close your eyes. Now, turn on the water and listen to that beautiful, clean liquid flowing from your tap. Now, imagine your water handle controls the flow on another faucet, somewhere else in the world. And, instead of dirty, unsanitary water coming out of that faucet, like it normally does, your handle magically makes clean, beautiful water flow forth, like it does for you.  And, a mother and child reach out their hands to feel “the dignity of clean,” because of you.

That’s the vision behind our Shower the World Foundation.

Every time you purchase BRÖÖ, someone else gets clean too!

A portion of every sale helps support, through our foundation, to serve up clean water worldwide! gives people access to affordable financing for their water and sanitation needs. states, “ We partner with carefully selected financial institutions in the countries we work to provide affordable water and sanitation loans to families in need. Families use these small loans to install a tap or toilet in their homes – long-term, sustainable solutions. The repayment rate is 99% and every repaid loan can empower another family with safe water. It is a proven and powerful solution that has reached more than 16 million people.” Learn more here estimates that as of January 2020, BRÖÖ has provided thousands people with access to safe water or sanitation. We thank all of our customers for helping us make this happen!

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