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  • Your Nose Knows - get a whiff of our 100% natural scents!  girl with long blond hair smelling lavender

Breathe Easy

Got a nose for natural scents? Us too! You may have noticed that our ingredient list contains " Natural Fragrance”.  Well, get a whiff of our BRÖÖTrue fragrance promise to you:

  • We use only 100% natural products in all our fragrances.
  • Our fragrances are derived exclusively from plant aroma materials.
  • Our fragrances are free of Phthalates and Preservatives.
  • We don’t use animal-derived products in our fragrance compounds.
  • We don’t test on animals, and we comply with the European Cosmetic Directive 4/768/EEC 7th Amendment on animal testing.
  • We don’t carry out any processes on the plant products post-extraction.
  • We don’t use any stabilizers or delivery aids in our fragrances.
  • Our fragrances meet the definition of natural according to the criteria for US Code of Federal Regulations Sect. 21, CFR 101.22 (a) (3) 13.
  • Our fragrances meet the definition of natural as defined by the International Standard for Aromatic Natural Raw Materials, ISO 9235 14.

Some folks ask why we spend 3X more for natural scents, when we could just use synthetic fragrances.  That’s when we look down our nose at them and say, “because we love our customers, and giving them better ingredients makes perfect ‘scents’!”

Essential Oils vs. Natural Scents

A lot of people assume that if it doesn't say essential oils, that it must be synthetic and that isn't true! Here's a breakdown of essential Oils VS natural fragrances VS synthetic fragrances.

Essential oils are a highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants. Essential oils contain a wide range of individual components and scent molecules all in one bottle of essential oil.

Natural fragrances are made up of essential oil, absolutes, CO2 extracts and isolates of the natural aromatic components taken from the complex scent of the essential oil. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) allows an ingredient to be called natural ONLY if it is plant derived. Natural fragrances are created in a laboratory but NOT from synthetic materials. Natural fragrance oils are blends that are extracted through the same processes that are used to get essential oils. The primary difference is that when you extract an essential oil, you are extracting the entire scent complex compound. When you extract an isolate of the essential oil, you are extracting a single scent molecule.

Synthetic fragrances are just as you’d expect, a chemically-composed, un-natural  scent. We hope this helps you better understand what Natural Fragrance means & understand that we only use plant derived, natural fragrances in our haircare!!


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