Shower the World


Beer saves the world (again)!

In the Middle Ages, folks didn’t do much bathing or drinking water for fear of getting sick from dirty water. Instead, they drank beer! Beer was safer because it was boiled in the brewing process.

Today, plenty of people still don’t have access to clean water for drinking or basic hygiene. So, we decided to connect beer and clean water/hygiene once again.

Shower the World FoundationWith our Shower the World Foundation, every time you buy BRÖÖ, someone else gets clean too, as we support clean water and hygiene initiatives worldwide.

We call it the “Dignity of Clean,” the basic right of every person to bathe clean and drink clean.

To do this, we support the great work of

Organized as a non-profit corporation in North Carolina, Shower the World operates as a Private Foundation with 501(c)3 tax exempt status, with funds flowing to worthy causes.