Using beer as a hair rinse isn’t a revolutionary idea in the world of beauty. In fact, here at R29, we’ve already tested the benefits of dumping beer on your head and found that the malt and yeast create a mane that’s strong, shiny, and voluminous. So, imagine our surprise when we stumbled across Bröö, a beer-based shampoo line, onBeauty Snob. It’s true: The boozy rinse has left the keg and entered our showers.

Bröö has three ranges — Porter (for hydration), Pale Ale (for volume), and I.P.A. (for smoothness). And, the biggest benefit the company boasts is that its products leave behind zero scent of beer — unlike the lukewarm can you crack open from your leftover case post-party. But, aside from the scent factor, we don’t really see a difference between the suds in Bröö and the suds in our Coors Light. The latter is arguably a lot cheaper — a bottle of Bröö costs $10 a pop — while a can of brew costs about 75 cents, if you figure a typical 30 pack will set you back about $22.

The shampoos are also free of sulfates and synthetic dyes, which most beers are anyway. But, if you’re fully adverse to smelling like a frat house after rush week (which we totally understand), the shampoos may be a good idea. Bröö is available at Whole Foods — which, coincidentally, is also where you can pick up a cold one. Talk about convenience. (Beauty Snob)